Hi there. My name is Ron Whitman. I’m a web developer, digital strategist, user experience designer and former Product Manager who’s been in the business as a independent consultant since 2001, working with clients of all sizes and shapes—small businesses, design agencies, big media brands, lots of tech startups and a few Fortune-500s you’ve heard of. I also created two social web startups, Commuter Feed and Where’s Cool?  that were covered by news sources including The New York Times, The Guardian, Bloomberg, Techcrunch, Mashable and more. I’m from Philadelphia, based in Brooklyn and spent the majority of the 00’s in Los Angeles.

Why the blog?

Over the years, I’ve realized that I’m increasingly answering questions about the tech industry for people who work around it. In many cases, my not-so-technical clients, friends and acquaintances who work with developers on a regular basis don’t feel satisfied with the answers they get from knotty engineers. These folks are designers, managers, marketing people, small business owners or even junior developers who just want to get some understandable answers to big-picture questions.

This blog is a way to help communicate software engineering—the concepts, the technology, the culture and more—to those folks that work around tech people day to day.

Contact Me

If you have a question you’d like me to answer, or want to reach out, feel free to shoot me an email ron@rwds.co or you can reach me on my oft-neglected Twitter account @ronwhitman .


And of course, if you work for an established business or funded startup, you can hire me as a consultant at RWDS.co .