Goodbye Commuter Feed

I said goodbye to my product Commuter Feed  / in October of 2012. Today I’m officially saying goodbye to the blog which has been suffering neglect for months. The following was posted on on October 8, 2012. Below this goodbye post, I’m going to copy over the press page from there as well.

Commuter Feed had a lasting influence on the early social web – the echoes of which linger in many products we know and love today. This achievement is something I’m still very proud of.

Saying Goodbye to Commuter Feed

By Ron on October 8th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that I must announce that Commuter Feed has had a server failure and I have decided not to revive it.

In honor of Commuter Feed’s 4-year life, I’ve decided to recount the story and do a postmortem of sorts for you here.

(If you missed out, there are some screenshots of Commuter Feed here, here and here.)

Starting Out

This post marks the first day of this blog. I’m not quite sure where it will go just yet, but the dream, the big dream, is a hope that I can forge an online identity centered around helping to translate the language of the web software engineering world into terms that anyone who works around it – designers, managers, marketers, analysts, etc – can understand and identify with.

I’ve been working with blogging and web publishing since its inception as a developer, but ironically have never attempted to publish any writing of my own until now. Much like the cobbler who never repairs his own shoes, starting a blog and staring at the WordPress content editor for expression’s sake seems like less of a hobby and more… work. Here’s to starting a pathway to changing all of that, and hopefully contributing some knowledge along the way.

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